We recommend that you be as self sufficient as possible when it comes to accommodation. Here are some good WebPages for hostels, hotels, pensions and rooms. As September is still high season, and there will be a lot of people in Prague, you should book your rooms as soon as possible

Some of the links below offer a wide range of accommodation in different hostels etc. Others are for specific hostels

Note. INPEG is trying to sort out other accommodation deals. So far we have a campsite for 1500 people but this is mainly reserved for Czech and Slovaks.

We are currently negotiating with the city about a stadium that can be used for accommodation as well. !!! The negotiation about the Strahov stadium is finished. Please see the fam website and fill in the question list about your needs and proposals for accomodation at the stadium.

Since there will be so many people coming, we are relying on that as many people as possible sort out their own accommodation either with friends or at hostels.

Tip. If you are in Prague before September. Several people at the train stations offer private accommodation. These are usually quite cheap. So try to sort out a deal in advance!

Hostel Siesta Camp
150-200 Kč pr. day
Near the center of town
3.4.5 bedrooms
Phone: 420 2 602 329432
Fax: 420 2 602 313247
Address: Pod Šancemi st. No.5
190 00 Praha 9

Hostel Junior
single bed 30DM, double bed 42DM, by bed 28DM
Phone: 420 2 7175 1941 /1045
Fax: 420 2 7175 0274
Address: Senovážné náměstí 21, 110 00 Praha

Hostel Estec Strahov
Phone: 420 2 572 10410
Fax: 420 2 572 15263
Address: Vaničova 5/1, 160 00 Praha

Hostel Krizovnica and others!
small dormitories from 220 Kč p.p.
This Website offers several hostels varying from dormitories at 220kč p.p. to 550kč for double bed.
Good site!
Offers several hostels from 300-1000 Kč in and around Prague
Tel: 420 2 33357632 or 33354358
Fax: 420 2 3335 3579

Hostel Advantage
400-600 Kč
Address: Sokolská 11-13, 120 00 Praha 2
Tel: 420 2 2491 4062
Fax: 420 2 2493 4067
IYH and ISIC cardholders pay 350 Kč p.p. in dormitory including breakfast
This address also takes orders for other hostels, hotels and pensions in the same chain.
Loads of hostels, pensions and hotels at various but quite reasonable prices!

Hostel Wenzl
5 min from Václavské náměstí (very central)
2-3 bed rooms 7-13USD p.p.
Phone and fax: 00420 2 2638470
Mobile: 00420 602 48 2402
An accommodation search agency. It worth checking out.

Hostel Sluníčko
From 300kč. 2,3,4 bedrooms
Tel and fax: 00420 2 246170114
Address: ul. Na Florenci 4, Praha 1

Wendys travel agency
Offers private rooms, pensions and hostels
Costs vary from 10-30USD
Offers more expensive accommodation in pensions, hostels, hotels and apartments
offers single and double rooms in hotels from 20-169USD and hostels from 20-156USD
prices from 10USD
Na Svihance 4
120 00 Praha 2 - Czech Republic
TEL: 00420/606 934 676, 00420/2/62 75 016.
MOBIL: 00420/606 934 676.
FAX: 00420/2/62 75 016.