The following is a general schedule of the events that will take place in Prague surrounding the IMF/WB annual meetings.  Please feel free to forward. See you in September!

Initiative Against Economic Globalization
September Calendar of Events

The Initiative Against Economic Globalisation (INPEG) is creating a diverse week of protests, non-violent creative action, cultural resistance, education, and outreach surrounding the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  This week of action will challenge economic globalisation by fusing the growing international movement with Czech resistance.  Through this collaboration, local residents, Eastern European activist, and other activists from around the world will have a forum to creatively and powerfully express our visions for a world where social justice reigns over corporate greed.

The week of convergence against the IMF and World Bank will kick start with World Car Free day on the 21st of September. Different activities are taking place all over the world but in Prague, the IMF and World Bank are meeting. Audi and Volvo (two major car companies) are running advertising campaigns and sponsering the conference. Send out this call to action far and wide and if you are going to be in Prague get ready... Visit CarBusters.

Cars will "eliminate a greater part of the nervousness, distraction, and strain of modern metropolitan life."

- prediction, Scientific American magazine, 1899

September 22 - 24 - Counter Summit

A Counter Summit will begin the week of activities with a three-day forum that explores the real costs of  development policy and Structural Adjustment Programs. The summit will provide a space for people from Eastern Europe, the Global South, and other concerned individuals to envision and plan for alternatives to the global institutions

September 22 - 24 - Art of Resistance Cultural Festival

The Art of Resistance will focus on creating a dynamic synthesis between art, education, and action that will be proactive in envisioning the way we want the world to be.  Musicians, artists, theatre groups, performers, and all interested will creatively express social change through a spirit that reflects Prague's history as a vibrant and lively centre of culture.

September 24 - Parade Finale to the Counter Summit

The Counter Summit will culminate in a colorful educational and outreach parade through the streets of Prague with may puppets and street theatre.

September 24 - Huge Celebration

Czech DJ's, as well as many of the performers from the Cultural Festival, will put on a great show that will give us a chance to celebrate our work towards Global Justice.

September 22-25 - Trainings and Workshops

Diverse groups from across the globe will conduct various trainings for activists and concerned individuals.  Some of these trainings will include:

  • Consensus decision making, when and how to use it
  • Facilitation, top tips for getting the most out of meeting
  • Non-violent Direct Action, enable effective and peaceful actions, by defusing potentially violent situations
  • Media, learn how to frame your message for the media
  • Legal, know your rights and responsibilities
  • Medical, street first aid
  • Tactical, explore the variety of tactics for effective creative actions.

    September 26 - Global Day of Action

    Around the world hundreds of thousands of people will unite for global justice in protest of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In Prague, at the site of their annual meetings, we will come together in mass creative action in order to challenge the legitimacy of these economic institutions that perpetuate corporate globalization.

    September 27-28 - Continued Protests

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact